It’s Saturday’s early morning here (00.52). We’re packing our gear to go on our weekend trip full of activities.
Two days of this: http://www.klaperjaht.ee/en some epic off-road footage
One evening of this: http://www.tõrvaloits.ee/ sorry, no English version of this page, but it’s a biggest spectacle of water, music and open air.

We’re staying in a cozy hotel called: Toyota Corolla E12. It has a room with one king size bed, AC, electric windows and 12V DC output. So we won’t have a computer near us for the weekend what means that I can’t make any posts or updates to this blog.
To stay informed of our weekend activities, you can log on to twitter and follow @iliftmirrors.
I promise to update my twitter feed as soon as anything notable happens.
Don’t worry, there won’t be any post like: “Uuuh yeah, having a Big Mac” “It tastes good” “Driving the car” “looking for a parking spot” “parked” “Entering the bedroom” “going under the covers” “dreaming about dragons fighting a guy with a helmet that has one horn” “entering REM sleep”.
I hope you get my point.

So – sorry for keeping the blog in the dark for the weekend, but if you really really really want to know, what’s going on – twitter is the only chance.

All the awesome people who have left likes and followed my blog – I can’t check out your sites while on my trip, but I promise to do it as soon as I get back.
Big shout out to my followers and people reading this post: Thanks! You’re amazing.

So that’s about it.

The gear we’re taking with:
Two tripods,
Two triggers,
Two Canon 400D (one 400D +)
Canon 50mm fix Mark II (aclickatatime’s)
Canon 75 – 300mm (kind of aclickatatime’s)
Canon 25 – 80mm (kind of aclickatatime’s)
Tamron 18 – 200mm (aclickatatime’s)
Canon 17 – 85mm
Filters: CIR-polarizing, ND4, ND8, UV (in case there will be flying rocks), IR.
4 batteries (unfortunately we don’t have any battery grips)

I should make a wishlist as my birthday and Christmas and other meaningful days are coming 🙂

I hope to get some good shots, some everlasting (good) memories, beautiful weather (it’s promising rain for the weekend 🙁 ) and a slight boost for upcoming, yet another, school year.

Have a nice weekend you all!

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