It’s done, finished

Rally Estonia 2015 has come to an end.

An epic weekend, full of traveling, dust, gravel and great weather. As I said in the last year: “That was awesome – a great rally!”

You can see the whole collection here:

And those are my favorites:

Before the start
Improvise for a good spot
Detailed madness
img_0022 @ work
Rally selfie

Check out these links for more images: (a click at a time’s photoblog) (my flicker album) (a click at a time’s flicker album)

Take care!
Hope you all had a nice weekend!


Remember, I talked about the upcoming rally in my last post?
Here is what’s going on at the moment:

Her ride
Her ride
Historic grid
Historic grid
Kinder Surprise
Kinder Surprise
ERC gate
ERC gate

An afternon of outdoor adventures

First off – there’s a rally coming up ( – so as always we drove through all of the stages, looking for perfect spots for taking pictures. Unfortunately due to the recent sad events in the Estonian Rally World most of the “good” spots are marked as “prohibited area”, as the organizers can’t guarantee the safety of the spectators outside of the marked areas. Of course there are other reasons as well (crops, private land etc.).
I wish I could sit on that spot all the weekend, but it’s located in the deepest, darkest zone of the “prohibited area”. I hope that all the co-drivers will mark these turns as “slow” or “dangerous”.

With this picture I wish you all a nice weekend, enjoy spectating the rally, driving and get back home safe!

THE Loch Ness of South-Estonia
THE Loch Ness of South-Estonia

After some dusty gravel roads we parked our car and went orienteering. As a fluffy person I decided to pick a shorter track (4km) – I managed to run/walk 4.88km in 1h 1min 40sec. After finishing I realized that my sporty wife took a longer track and wouldn’t be back soon – so I took the camera out yet again. These were the results:

One man's shed is another's castle
One man’s shed is another one’s castle
Infrared field plant (no idea what's it called)
Infrared field plant (no idea what’s it called)
The world of water droplets
The world of water droplets
Infrared of an abandoned house. I instantly remembered a song called:
Infrared of an abandoned house. I instantly remembered a song called: “Kerli – Creepshow”


Anyways as I have a lot of followers and I can’t check all of your blogs and homepages – why don’t you leave me a comment on how are you and what are your plans for the weekend?
Take care!

Baby Steps

Here we go.
As my wife had a dentist appointment, I had some time to go trigger happy with my camera.
Few hours with Darktable and here are the results:


I even managed to use the IR filter.

Elva is a 'shroom town
Elva is a ‘shroom town

All my trusty followers – Thanks!

This week I’ve been fooling around with photoshop. Here are some results:

My WOW - work of the weekend. 360 degrees, 4 layers "small earth" panorama.
My WOW – work of the weekend. 360 degrees, 4 layers “small earth” panorama.
Tilt shift photoshop test
Tilt shift photoshop test
Spy shot
Spy shot
Prolly the most photographed bridge in Tartu
Prolly the most photographed bridge in Tartu

You remember me? Well… I’m back!

Hey you all!

It has been way too long time.
I won’t waste your time with my lame excuses but I promise that I’ll make at least one post per week.

We have finally found a suitable apartment in a perfect spot, moved again and settled in.
As one problem found it’s solution, yet another one arose. Our wedding is in 90 days and we haven’t planned anything (prolly ’cause our finance department isn’t working that well).
Would you like to support us, buy our pictures or order a calendar with our artwork? Let me know!!!

Less talk, more pictures:

Went to photograph the northern lights, found this little guy instead.
Went to photograph the northern lights, found this little guy instead.
A fisherman
A fisherman
Those things
Those things
Fuck you too!
Fuck you too!
Tartu Observatory
Tartu Observatory

Fed-4 and Zorki-4 + The fucking epic trip to Tallinn

A few days ago I saw my Mum who donated her old Fed-4 and Zorki-4 to me.

YAAAAAY 🙂 Right?
As soon as I opened the Fed-4 case I could literally smell the old-school.
First things first – I downloaded the user’s manual and studied the camera. After that I went to a photo shop and bough a 24 frame film (to test it).
Then we took a short walk around the block and shot the film full.
Today I finally got my scanned images.

Not so YAAAY :(.
It seems like there is something wrong with the lens or the shutter.
Here you can see a few pictures I took:

Some double exposure going on here (By accident):
000001A local bank’s building:000026

And a drag race car on the street:000028

As you can see there is something wrong with the camera. There are unknown white spots and a lot of “fog” on the images 🙁 .
Hopefully I’ll get it fixed soon.
It turns out that I love shooting on the film. It feels so different – you have to be so patient and double check everything before each shot. You don’t have any electronic widgets or gadgets to tell if the shot will be over or under exposed. No IS or USM, no auto focus, no P or auto mode. It’s full Manual. And I mean like totally manual. Until I got to use these cameras I didn’t even know that there were lenses with “DOF calculator rings” and “aperture rings”.

That’s EPIC. Shooting film makes me speechless.
I know that all the negatives and pictures that are scanned are not post-processed in any way. No color corrections, no photoshop, no lightroom, no HDR magic or NIK collection. No Filters, no electronics, no crop, no burn or dodge, no healing brush tool. There is even no histogram or EXIF data.

It all comes down to you, your eyes and the artist that lies inside you.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not some kind of hipster or shit – I wear glasses because otherwise I won’t be able to see shit… literally. I just love shooting film. The anxiety you get while waiting your pictures to be developed.

I know that the pictures I uploaded here are out of focus, doesn’t apply to any composition rules or what ever – I still love them. My first pictures shot on film.
Hopefully I’ll get the camera fixed and more photos will be added soon.

The Zorki 4 camera was broken from the start since someone had tried to fix it…
Seems like it didn’t turn out so well – the shutter curtain won’t even fully close :(.

I’m still in Tallinn so I can’t upload any pictures from my Rebel yet.
I guess we should get back to south-Estonia in a few days so then I’ll be able to import all the 2+~4GB of pictures, sort the shitty ones (most of them) out and upload the others (prolly 3 or 4) to my blog.

What about Tallinn?

It has been amazing! Oh by the way – today we went to take photos of a yacht or a “pleasure craft” (as it’s called on the that costs ~50 million Euros and belongs to a mysterious multimillionaire.

By the way. If the owner of this ship is reading this post. . . Send me an e-mail. First I’d like to say you how jealous I am, secondly I’d like to get some financial consulting, then get some great shots of the insides of your yacht and to compensate – I can take you to the best parties, restaurants and clubs in the town. Of course you’d have to pay for the entrance because I don’t have any money on me.

I have promised it to myself and my wife – one day… I say one day… I will have enough money to buy a boat or a yacht or AT LEAST buy two tickets on a decent cruise.
So from this day on – I’ll be rich. I already have love (loads of it) so now it’s time to start being a rich person.

What else.

Oh …. if you’re patient then you’ll see some epic long exposure shots of the sea and waves, some shots of the Tallinn’s old town (we will probably take even more photos during our visit), a few long exposure night, cityscape and sea shots, some random short-skirts and high heels walking on the streets of Tallinn (You know what they say – Estonia allegedly has the most beautiful girls (women) in the world).

If any of my followers should ever visit Tallinn or Estonia – you can count on me. I could be your trip adviser. As a person who has traveled a lot and seen different places of the world – Estonia really is a place you should visit and see with your own eyes. Google it! It is a tiny and small country but it has a lot to offer. I mean more than some other countries.

That seems to be it for now.
I love you all!
I haven’t been posting very often for the last … many… days, but there still is intense traffic on my blog.
at some point I thought that I have a unhealthy addiction to this wordpress site, but it seems like you all love it as much as I do.

As I’m using my phone’s internet connection (Thank you Tele 2!) to surf on the web, I can’t check out the pages of my new followers. I promise to do it as soon as I get to my fair enough PC.

Epic, perfect, ideal, absolute, the very best and the greatest!

Thank YOU! Yes, YOU!
Stay tuned, follow my @iliftmirrors Twitter, follow my blog and send me fan mail! 🙂

Take care, that’s it.


The Repair Shop


Today aclickatatime ran into a little trouble with her 50mm f1.8 MII.
A little piece of plastic had gotten loose and got stuck between the auto focus gears.
That meant that Andres, the tool man, had to disassemble the lens, put the little piece of plastic back where it belonged to and then make the lens and auto focus to work yet again.
Easy, right? 🙂
Here we go:

First off the lens, still mounted.


Removing the two screws that hold the connector terminal in.


Don’t lose the tiny screws, you’ll need them later!

Removing the back cover.


Here you go, That’s what’s going on behind the small back cover.


Removing the plastic cap with MF / AF switch.IMG_9869

Removing the focus ring’s stopper.

Removing the plastic case.

Removing the front and rear lens and the focus ring.


That’s it. A lot of money just laying on the table.



This is the small plastic piece that ruined the AF gear system.


Putting the AF gears back to their original spot.

IMG_9881All done! AF assembled!


The last steps were to glue back the little plastic piece and re-assemble the lens.
I’m not going to post pictures of gluing and putting it all back together.

Final result: Auto focus works, lens’s insides are nice and clean = epic success for me 🙂 .

NB! If you’re trying to do it yourself – I’m not responsible for the damage you could do to your lens and I don’t encourage you to do it yourself. It’s important to remember to clean it all up before putting it all back together. Some dust is guaranteed if you do it on a table like me. Professional personnel have anti-static screwdrivers and dust-free, vacuum chambers to do this kind of job.

Posting my photo a day picture soon!

Take care!

A request

Made a little something – something for you last night!

IMG_9630-EditI’m not good at arts and crafts, but I love lights!
Rock, paper and SCISSORS!!!!


Walk Mark 2

Some shots from today’s short walk through the local nature’s wonderland.