Baby Steps

Here we go.
As my wife had a dentist appointment, I had some time to go trigger happy with my camera.
Few hours with Darktable and here are the results:


I even managed to use the IR filter.

Elva is a 'shroom town
Elva is a ‘shroom town

All my trusty followers – Thanks!


It didn’t take as long as I thought.

What changed?
1) I changed the main menu – added different categories for different pictures so in the futures this page will act as a blog or photo journal (whatever the difference is) with all the new images and all the files will be added under a right category as well.

2) Added a logo. BIG BIG !THANK YOU! to who edited the photo of my  17mm canon lens I took earlier this day.

3) Removed twitter feed and the “follow” button from the side menu.

That’s about it. What do you think – Should I change something else too or even switch the site’s theme? Please leave a comment down bellow (what would you like to be different or what do you think what should be changed).

Images from today’s “bird walk” should be uploaded soon!

Today… Last day at school for this week.
Short walk, nice weather.
Looking for a wedding photographer = fucking impossible mission.

All of you who like, share, follow, comment – MANY MANY Thanks! You keep me going.

hot pot
hot pot
Cafe Amore
Cafe Amore
Because a block of flats
Because a block of flats

This week I’ve been fooling around with photoshop. Here are some results:

My WOW - work of the weekend. 360 degrees, 4 layers "small earth" panorama.
My WOW – work of the weekend. 360 degrees, 4 layers “small earth” panorama.
Tilt shift photoshop test
Tilt shift photoshop test
Spy shot
Spy shot
Prolly the most photographed bridge in Tartu
Prolly the most photographed bridge in Tartu

You remember me? Well… I’m back!

Hey you all!

It has been way too long time.
I won’t waste your time with my lame excuses but I promise that I’ll make at least one post per week.

We have finally found a suitable apartment in a perfect spot, moved again and settled in.
As one problem found it’s solution, yet another one arose. Our wedding is in 90 days and we haven’t planned anything (prolly ’cause our finance department isn’t working that well).
Would you like to support us, buy our pictures or order a calendar with our artwork? Let me know!!!

Less talk, more pictures:

Went to photograph the northern lights, found this little guy instead.
Went to photograph the northern lights, found this little guy instead.
A fisherman
A fisherman
Those things
Those things
Fuck you too!
Fuck you too!
Tartu Observatory
Tartu Observatory

Posting postponed once again

It seems like it’s time to pack up all our stuff yet again.

We’re moving out of my mother-in-law’s house tomorrow (again) since we got ourselves an apartment in the ‘city’. If you’re reading this from anywhere in the USA or any other part of the world, the ‘city’ is actually as big as a medium-sized village.

What has happened in the meantime?
We bought ourselves a table for 8€, polished, stained and varnished it once again… took two days and about three years of my life.

Today I also drove my car first time this winter. Wayyy to much power for the roads we’re having right now. I actually can’t decide if I should sell my current car and buy a ‘family vagon’ or yet another ‘FUCK YOU I HAVE MORE POWER’ car or should I just keep my precious? Driving it/her/him is so much fun…. I guess I can’t give it/him/her up.

Well. . . let the time to decide.

All my new followers – THANKS!
All my old followers – THANKS!
All the people who read and like my posts – THANKS!


No posts in the last week? Have I stopped writing yet again? NO!

We were in Finland, Helsinki, for the last few days. Before that I had to renovate my grandmother’s armchairs (made in 1911).

I took some photos on the trip but since my computer park isn’t very up to date you all have to wait to see the pictures.

What else? Oh! Happy New Year… or in other words: Congratulations you survived another trip around the sun!

Oh… we got ourselves a new apartment… have to move all the stuff again. YAY! 🙂

Ups and downs.

Hey you all!

I’ve lost many of you since my last post – that’s what happens if you’re trying to run a photography blog and won’t upload any new photos (- 30 followers).

So why have I been so “sleepy” for the past four months?
1) We had to move a lot = no time to operate the shutter.
2) Education and stuff = same result.
3) No inspiration = every picture I took was pale and lame, no reason to upload it here.
4) Computer troubles = no HDD to import my *.RAW files.
5) I was writing a book as a Christmas present to my wife (soon to become).

Happy holidays to you all! I hope to upload some fantastic frames soon.

Summary of the trip

As I mentioned two posts back – we had a road trip today. First stop was the Taagepera castle, because I thought it would be a nice place for our wedding (next summer). This is the first photo I took in the area – not a very warming view:

Tourists checking out the castle’s exterior and listening to their tour guide’s talk (left):
Taagepera castle’s main entrance (right):







In conclusion we decided to keep looking for a suitable place (as we don’t quite know yet, what it is exactly that we want…)

There is something about this picture that somehow makes me really-really sad. 🙁 :


Inverse-reverse-flipped-mirror (left):
That would be a nice house to live in (right):







To sum up today’s trip – it was awesome. Tripping shall definitely continue!

To new followers – Thank You for following, I will most definitely check out your sites and leave a mark.
To people who like and comment my work / posts – Thank you too! Likes and comments are the things that keep me going. Besides my fiance and love. 🙂

You’re all just great! Thanks!

Photo a Day August – Day 2 (Lunch)

Today I had a late lunch (picture taken at 19:16).

For me taking a picture of your food is like taking a picture and saying “look what I’m going to turn into shit!” so that’s why I couldn’t take a picture of my actual lunch.
This turning into shit thing doesn’t apply for those who do actual food reviews or cooking shows or stuff like that.

Here is the picture for #FMSphotoaday August Day 2 – Lunch:
Mulgi KõrtsThis is the place where I ate my lunch. Situated in Abja-Paluoja, Estonia and called MULGI tavern.
Here is their homepage (sadly only in Estonian):

As I couldn’t get a clean shot of the tavern I tried a bit different compositions – with posts, shadows and signs. “APTEEK” in English is “Pharmacy”.

Yet another roadtrip

Hey folks!

Seems like today we’re going on a road trip to far west.
Hope to get some great shots – Twitter feed will keep you posted.

Picture a day challenge post will be uploaded in the evening! (I’m GMT +3 by the way).
What a wonderful weather we’re having today. Solitary clouds, +28C and my smiley face. I really hope that I won’t start pouting – I ran out of smokes last night and now can’t buy new ones.
I guess this time it’s really time to quit (hopefully).

Take care and have a nice day!

Okay, I promise – today’s last post.
First off: Our kitty (she will always stay a kitty for me) Alfred.
What's up dog? Are you coming back?





1) She wants to play, but the dog doesn’t seem to be amused so it’s time to make stupid faces.
2) She captured the dog’s ‘nest’ but then realized that she is all alone 🙁 Still no one wants to play with her.
ISO 2000 aka “One noisy pussy”.

Two arty shots… not my stile actually.


black and white industrial landscape arty landscape?






1) Black and white industrial landscape (still functioning).
2) Road to the sky (almost) + a post on the way.

Last, but not least: One more landscape to end the day with.



That’s all for me today. Sleep well – or if you are in USA – have a nice day.
Already thinking about tomorrow – where will I find a good shot? I bet I will be composing it in my dreams tonight.

Let the pictures talk to you!

Today was a good day. August has started great for me. Lets hope the rest of the month will be even better. I already know that it will be 🙂 Stay positive!



As we spent most of our time today literally in a field here are two other shots of rye and one of oat. Enjoy!oat








Some pictures are yet to come!
I decided that I’ll make a separate sub-folder for Picture a Day challenge in my Gallery menu – easier for you to follow 😉