Summer Is Ending


We have spent the past few days in and around of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Soon, I will upload a gallery of what I have seen so far, but until then I leave you with this thought – the 1st of September is only 12 days away…


Depressing, isn’t it?

Seasons change

seasons 1

The first one was taken on 29.11.2012, the second one on 12.10.2013. The angle isn’t quite right, I will try to fix that when I take the Spring and Summer pictures.

Catch Me If You Can


My (now) 13 year old dachshund, on her birthday, doing her old tricks. Age may have slowed her down slightly, but it has not changed any habits 🙂

Kui siit pilvepiirilt alla vaatan…

…üle õitsva…


The title comes from an old Estonian song “Munamäel” and roughly translates to “When looking down from the edge of the sky, over the flourishing Estonian land”.

The Suur Munamägi is located slighly to the left, outside of this frame.

Photo a Day November #7 – Reflection

Living round these parts you often almost start to forget what sunshine looks like.
Today, after what felt like ten years of continuous rain, we finally had a brief glimpse of the sun. Reflecting off everything its rays touched.

Photo a Day November #5 – 5 O’Clock

It’s only 5 o’clock and already it’s almost pitch black outside and pouring with rain. Gotta “love” winter.

P.S. I know the EXIF says the picture was taken at 18:00, that’s because I can’t be bothered to change the time on the camera so it remains on summer time all year round.

Why people should only plant evergreens in yards

As the weather is threatening to get very “wintery” soon and I happened to have a day off work I decided to pack the dog and other necessities to the car and go to my grandfather’s to do some raking. It’s very difficult to gather up frozen leaves, as I discovered a couple of years ago, so this time I was determined to do the job before snowfall. He has at least a million (5) large deciduous trees so I really had my work cut out for me.

Work to be done… Continue reading “Why people should only plant evergreens in yards”

Photo a Day October #23 – The view from here


Drew the curtains this morning and there it was – frost. First time this autumn and didn’t even clear up till it was almost noon.

I guess there’s no escaping winter. I should probably go and check the state of my winter tires, looks like I’ll be needing them soon.