No posts in the last week? Have I stopped writing yet again? NO!

We were in Finland, Helsinki, for the last few days. Before that I had to renovate my grandmother’s armchairs (made in 1911).

I took some photos on the trip but since my computer park isn’t very up to date you all have to wait to see the pictures.

What else? Oh! Happy New Year… or in other words: Congratulations you survived another trip around the sun!

Oh… we got ourselves a new apartment… have to move all the stuff again. YAY! 🙂

It’s so fucking hot. It’s impossible to survive outside. Actually it’s not better indoors… wish we had an AC.

Yesterday I was invited for a swim – it seemed like a good idea at the time, but when we arrived at the lake the water turned out to be balls freezing cold. Instead of swimming I grabbed my camera and shot this one:


As you might notice – this picture is actually kind of out of focus, but I still like it. So tough luck for you.

Later that same day me and my fiance went for a really slow walk, because some doctors thought that she doesn’t need her appendix any more and dug it out. During that wonderful walk in a city that has more snow cannons than local residents who kind of hate summer and live for winter (because then there are a lot of tourists = money money money) we saw something strange… or out of ordinary.
Do they use the cannons to water the lawn, or has the heat gone to their heads, or are they hoping for a miracle, or is it just pure genius?

heat might be fatal
heat might be fatal

Last but not least: decent bokehlicious picture. Not much bokeh, but still tasty.

choose your way
choose your way

I’m not going outside today so you can expect to see some DIY home studio photos. If a white sheet and two desk lamps count as a studio.


Photo a Day November #7 – Reflection

Living round these parts you often almost start to forget what sunshine looks like.
Today, after what felt like ten years of continuous rain, we finally had a brief glimpse of the sun. Reflecting off everything its rays touched.