Today… Last day at school for this week.
Short walk, nice weather.
Looking for a wedding photographer = fucking impossible mission.

All of you who like, share, follow, comment – MANY MANY Thanks! You keep me going.

hot pot
hot pot
Cafe Amore
Cafe Amore
Because a block of flats
Because a block of flats

You remember me? Well… I’m back!

Hey you all!

It has been way too long time.
I won’t waste your time with my lame excuses but I promise that I’ll make at least one post per week.

We have finally found a suitable apartment in a perfect spot, moved again and settled in.
As one problem found it’s solution, yet another one arose. Our wedding is in 90 days and we haven’t planned anything (prolly ’cause our finance department isn’t working that well).
Would you like to support us, buy our pictures or order a calendar with our artwork? Let me know!!!

Less talk, more pictures:

Went to photograph the northern lights, found this little guy instead.
Went to photograph the northern lights, found this little guy instead.
A fisherman
A fisherman
Those things
Those things
Fuck you too!
Fuck you too!
Tartu Observatory
Tartu Observatory


No posts in the last week? Have I stopped writing yet again? NO!

We were in Finland, Helsinki, for the last few days. Before that I had to renovate my grandmother’s armchairs (made in 1911).

I took some photos on the trip but since my computer park isn’t very up to date you all have to wait to see the pictures.

What else? Oh! Happy New Year… or in other words: Congratulations you survived another trip around the sun!

Oh… we got ourselves a new apartment… have to move all the stuff again. YAY! 🙂

Ups and downs.

Hey you all!

I’ve lost many of you since my last post – that’s what happens if you’re trying to run a photography blog and won’t upload any new photos (- 30 followers).

So why have I been so “sleepy” for the past four months?
1) We had to move a lot = no time to operate the shutter.
2) Education and stuff = same result.
3) No inspiration = every picture I took was pale and lame, no reason to upload it here.
4) Computer troubles = no HDD to import my *.RAW files.
5) I was writing a book as a Christmas present to my wife (soon to become).

Happy holidays to you all! I hope to upload some fantastic frames soon.

My Dear fellow bloggers, photographers (rookies to pro), readers and followers.

This is another “Gear” and “Stupid things (in my opinion)” category post.
This time I’m going to talk about lens hoods aka lens shades.

First off the theory quoted from wikipedia (
“In photography, a lens hood or lens shade is a device used on the end of a lens to block the sun or other light source in order to prevent glare and lens flare.”
“Flare occurs when stray light strikes the front element of a lens and then bounces around within the lens. This stray light often comes from very bright light sources, such as the sun, bright studio lights, or a bright white background.”

Seems like a quite handy thing, right?
First off I’d like to say that 80% of pictures I’ve taken are without the lens hood.
Here is a sample from few posts back where I talked about condoms. On the left image I used the hood, on the right image the hood was off:
glare 1 w hood glare 1 wo hood
Can you see the difference? I sure don’t – the flare and glare are the same on both images. Even the histograms say they are 99% mach. If you scroll down to the “sex talk” post you can see that the glare is gone – how did I do that?
No – I didn’t put on even longer and larger hood. I moved my camera like a 1/2″ and it was fixed.

Now I have a question to you all!
What does this picture remind you?

To me it’s a circumcised penis, but just not that useful.
Why do people put their hoods on backwards if they don’t use them?
It might be the most impractical thing ever. How do you zoom? Even the focus ring isn’t that accessible any more. I’m used to use my left hands two fingers: one for focus, the other for zoom. Since the zoom ring is now blocked your hand won’t feel the same. Disturbing.
If you want to use your lens hood on your lens, then in my eyes this is the only option:

Now if you look at some press conference or celebrity shots – how many lens hoods can you see?
Seems like pro’s don’t use them at all. (For me a pro is a person who earns his / her living by taking and selling their pictures OR someone whose photos I really like 🙂 )

My lenses look most of the time like this:
betterMotto: “If you don’t use it, leave it at home.”
I heard it actually from a youtube show, but as the Terms of Agreement on their homepage doesn’t allow to use their company’s or show’s name without permission, I cant mention it here and advertise them. I can say that much: it starts with D and ends with TV and they are based in China.

Now. To conclude I’ll show you the “studio” setup, where I took these photos (with and without hoods + ridiculous reverse hood):
DIY cheap white studio background

I might do a DIY post on “DIY cheap ‘studio-looking’ setups”.
Let me know what would YOU like to read about or what do you think of my posts.
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Thanks! Bu-bye!

A walk

Two days ago we went for a walk, which turned out to be a 10km hike.
It was really nice to get out of the house and be in the middle of the nature for a change.
After some time of walking on a bank of a lake I finally saw things in a totally different perspective.
Here are two photos to the memory of that wonderful day.
For both pictures I used only UV filter, color adjustment in lightroom.



For this picture I changed the white balance to “shade” approx. 7000K, this brought out the sunshine and warmth in colours.

I’m really sorry to say that I can’t promise an upload every day. I try very hard, but the time just flies past me 🙁 .
I promise to give my best!

Thank you all for the views, likes and following me – this all means alot to me.

New Day

So today I had a lot of free time (no wonder I have no money or a job).
I spent it in the nature, studying my new camera. Finally I even figured out, how to use custom White Balance. In total I made 41 photos, but after evaluating them the number came down to two.

I gave an Infrared filter as a present for‘s birthday.
Today I tried it out myself. Here is the result (Quite happy with it actually. Bear in mind that it’s one of the first times that I used IR filter):


Taken with Canon 50mm fix lense.

A HDR I made near “Kiidjärve”. I might have overdone the colours, but still love it.


Taken with Canon 17-85mm lense and UV + CIR-Polarizing filters.