Standing Strong


Pictured: The Castle of Keila-Joa, read more about it here

The new school year began, and it was as if summer hadn’t happened at all – a blink of an eye and I was back in the dreaded classroom. This, together with moving to a new apartment; work commitments; crippling migraines; and all sorts of other things to take up one’s time, creates a situation, where the last post in this blog was nearly a month ago and I haven’t picked up the camera even once in the meantime. There’s still even a backlog of stuff from the summer I would like to share, but I simply haven’t had the time to organise any of it.

I have no idea when I will manage to get into some kind of a routine that will allow me to enjoy things that I actually like doing, so I won’t be making any promises about when you can expect me to begin updating this thing regularity again. All I wanted to say is that firstly, I’m sorry about the unexpected hiatus and secondly, I hope you will bear with me and not give up just yet! Keep checking back and I promise, one day soon, I will surprise you all with a ton (or a little less) of new posts! You can even drop a comment and let me know what would you especially like to see here?

Have a nice autumn and see you soon!

Where Will the Road Take You?


I owe you all two posts – number 6 and 7 on the August Photo a Day challenge, but the past two days have not been too inspiring. Hopefully I will get off my arse tomorrow and catch up with the challenge.

In the meantime, you can visit my newly updated About Me page, or check out my Gallery, where I have gathered up all the images I have posted on this blog for easy viewing.

Kui siit pilvepiirilt alla vaatan…

…üle õitsva…


The title comes from an old Estonian song “Munamäel” and roughly translates to “When looking down from the edge of the sky, over the flourishing Estonian land”.

The Suur Munamägi is located slighly to the left, outside of this frame.