I’ve been trying to sort out my Lightroom catalogue, which is, quite frankly, a horrible mess. But thanks to the extra work, I have re-discovered some wonderful shots. Like this one for example. Taken in 2008 of my Brandy‘s puppies. What an adorable and hungry bunch they were 🙂

Still life


This is not a topic I have explored too much, but as the assignment demanded a “natüürmort” (nature morte), I had to first google what “still life” truly means and then think of something to photograph. I’m not a very artsy person so putting together an image is a real struggle for me and I should probably focus on this genre even more, as it teaches so much and gives so many opportunities to do better, because the subject isn’t going anywhere.

For this picture I had to mount my tripod on our couch, so not and ideal nor solid base, but I wanted a head-on shot. Which, as you can see, didn’t quite happen. The shelf unit is crooked but I and the camera were probably even more crooked, so there’s definitely room for improvement, but I still like the image. I read some articles about still life photography earlier in the day and in one of them the author wrote something along the lines of, if you want to take a picture to remember something by, then still life is your thing, and for that reason, I am happy with this photo.

The Bridge


The second prompt for the competition was “animals or birds in our environment”.

The quality of this picture is awful, it was midday but I had to bump my ISO up to 1600 (max for my camera) and the pictures were still underexposed. Really wish I could afford some new gear 🙁 But nevermind that, despite the obvious quality-issues, I sill rather like the outcome.