A Flashy Gathering


Entering a parking lot of a popular hiking location and lo and behold, the lot is full of flash chrome and then… a blackboard?

Someone has done a shoddy job when wrapping the BMW.

A Teaser – Rally Estonia 2014


This years Rally Estonia took place on the 18th and 19th of June and for the first time it was a part of the European Rally Championship’s rally calendar, which meant even more big names, fast cars and people lining the roads in anticipation of a great race, which it truly was. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reach all of the stages I wanted to see, but it was still a very enjoyable event (and the weather was great as well, although cleaning the camera might still take some time).

So here’s a quick glimpse of what you can expect once I find some time to sort out all of the pictures I took and put together an album – stay tuned!

Life Through a Tinted Piece of Glass


In this instance, the piece of glass being a Hoya R72 Infrared filter.

I got it for my birthday last year and so far I’ve barely taken it out of its box, simply because it seems like so much hassle to get good results when taking IR photos – there is so much post processing involved and the subject itself needs to be special in it’s own way as well. My boyfriend has used the filter much more successfully – as demonstrated here – but today I finally found a scene that in my view warranted the use of the filter.

The picture is taken in Luke Manor Park, a delightful little place, not far from Tartu.

For the past several hours I’ve been reading articles about how to process infrared images to get the desired results. After a bit of experimenting (Lab Channels being one of the keywords) I ended up with the image displayed above, which I’m quite happy with. The picture that came out of the camera can be seen here.

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Sõmerpalu Staadionikross 2014


The Sõmerpalu Motokross 2014 took place in a small village named Sõmerpalu. The place is probably best known for it’s motocross events, it has an excellent outdoor motocross stadium and a few years ago an indoor arena was also opened there – the Adrenalin Arena. If you are into motocross you might recognise the names of Tanel or Aigar or Avo Leok, who have all trained and competed on these tracks.

This annual event is held in the memory of Väino Leok, who is the founding father of the Sõmerpalu Motocross Club, and the head of the Leok dynasty. The winner of this year’s superfinal was his grandson, Tanel Leok.


The full album can be viewed here.

Man Down

DSC_0416_1024As the snow conditions are so good (there barely is any) we went skiing on lake Pühajärv. Let’s just say some of us are more used to skiing than others.

A Sunday Stroll


Winter has (finally) arrived. Today the sun was out, the sky was blue and the light white dusting we’ve had so far (about 5 cm’s of snow, usually by this time of the year we are stuck neck deep in that white nuisance) painted a rather pretty picture. So out we went, armed with our cameras, to see if we could capture some bits of it.

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Merry Christmas!



The Paks Margaeeta (Fat Margaret) tower in Tallin.


Wishing you all a nice, err… rainy Christmas (it was +4 C here today).

This was the sight last year.

All-year-round sh***i skiing weather is what it’s called around here.


Kui siit pilvepiirilt alla vaatan…

…üle õitsva…


The title comes from an old Estonian song “Munamäel” and roughly translates to “When looking down from the edge of the sky, over the flourishing Estonian land”.

The Suur Munamägi is located slighly to the left, outside of this frame.

12 km’s of visible industrialism


We went on a 4 day trip around North-East Estonia, the industrial and Soviet “mecca” of our small country. One of the most staggering sights was turning a corner on a narrow forest road and seeing a transportation “band”, which takes oil shale from a mine to a processing plant. The “band” is nearly 12km’s long, almost perfectly straight and mostly covered. We managed to catch a glimpse of the actual oil shale when we dove over the “band”.