Photo a Day August – Day 8 (pet peeve)

This time something that annoys me:

It actually doesn’t annoy me – I just hate it when someone opens a drawer or a closet and leaves it wide open. Taking things and not putting them back to the place you took them is also my pet peeve.

August Day 8
August Day 8

Alfred approves!

Photo a Day August – Day 7 (spot)

A few days back I posted a picture of that very same flower.
Today I went to it again and took a new photo – this time with small water droplets.
I believe this flower is growing in a perfect spot.

August Day 7
August Day 7

Photo a Day August – Day 6 (grateful for time)

I’m not known as a religious person, but I truly am grateful for the time that has been given to me.
The time I spent growing up, time I spent with my mother and brother, time I take photos and for the past few years I’m most grateful for the time that I have spent with my girlfriend (upgraded her status for me some time ago – if you want more details on this, read older posts 😉 ).
As I don’t know how much time I have left I’m also grateful for everything that’s yet to come.

August Day 6
August Day 6

This watch is a present from my brother – got it years ago – still working (I hope it has a lot of time left – literally 🙂 ).

Picture taken in my little “studio”, lightning by LED torch.
I was asked that why do I swear so much in my posts? As I haven’t used one in this post, here you go:
SHIT – I don’t know if that qualifies as a swearword.

Photo a Day August – Day 5 (pile)

On more environmental topic this time.
See that little bird in the lower left corner? Can you see her face? Yes – it’s full of confusion: “Why were people allowed to live amongst us if they only care about themselves, if they don’t live in a harmony with other species, if they kill others and destroy their homes?”
I’m not a very “green” or “eco-friendly” person, but I believe that of the monsters around me, I’m kind of rookie polluter.
The toxins that was blasted to the Earth’s atmosphere while generating electricity so you could read this post and watch the picture probably killed at least three distant cousins of that bird.
Oh. And her name is Sarah.
Sarah is not happy.
Help Sarah to survive.
August day 5

August Photo a Day #2 – Lunch


We had a (7 pm) lunch in a small roadside pub. The meal tasted rather nice (chicken with cheese and peach slices, fresh salad with fruits, lettuce and carrots, French fries, and garlic bread for starters), the picture doesn’t do it justice, a food photographer I sure ain’t!

Photo a Day August – Day 2 (Lunch)

Today I had a late lunch (picture taken at 19:16).

For me taking a picture of your food is like taking a picture and saying “look what I’m going to turn into shit!” so that’s why I couldn’t take a picture of my actual lunch.
This turning into shit thing doesn’t apply for those who do actual food reviews or cooking shows or stuff like that.

Here is the picture for #FMSphotoaday August Day 2 – Lunch:
Mulgi KõrtsThis is the place where I ate my lunch. Situated in Abja-Paluoja, Estonia and called MULGI tavern.
Here is their homepage (sadly only in Estonian):

As I couldn’t get a clean shot of the tavern I tried a bit different compositions – with posts, shadows and signs. “APTEEK” in English is “Pharmacy”.

August Photo a Day Challenge

I have decided (or been persuaded) to take part in this fun challenge once again. I have done it in the past as well, hopefully I will manage to follow it through the whole month.

Click on the photo to visit Fat Mum Slim’s website and read what she has said about the prompts, and why not take part yourself!


Edited to add: In order to make this challenge even more challenging I have decided to attempt all these shots with my trusted, and slightly battered nifty-fifty – the Canon 50mm f1.8. Even I’m curious about the results!