An afternon of outdoor adventures

First off – there’s a rally coming up ( – so as always we drove through all of the stages, looking for perfect spots for taking pictures. Unfortunately due to the recent sad events in the Estonian Rally World most of the “good” spots are marked as “prohibited area”, as the organizers can’t guarantee the safety of the spectators outside of the marked areas. Of course there are other reasons as well (crops, private land etc.).
I wish I could sit on that spot all the weekend, but it’s located in the deepest, darkest zone of the “prohibited area”. I hope that all the co-drivers will mark these turns as “slow” or “dangerous”.

With this picture I wish you all a nice weekend, enjoy spectating the rally, driving and get back home safe!

THE Loch Ness of South-Estonia
THE Loch Ness of South-Estonia

After some dusty gravel roads we parked our car and went orienteering. As a fluffy person I decided to pick a shorter track (4km) – I managed to run/walk 4.88km in 1h 1min 40sec. After finishing I realized that my sporty wife took a longer track and wouldn’t be back soon – so I took the camera out yet again. These were the results:

One man's shed is another's castle
One man’s shed is another one’s castle
Infrared field plant (no idea what's it called)
Infrared field plant (no idea what’s it called)
The world of water droplets
The world of water droplets
Infrared of an abandoned house. I instantly remembered a song called:
Infrared of an abandoned house. I instantly remembered a song called: “Kerli – Creepshow”


Anyways as I have a lot of followers and I can’t check all of your blogs and homepages – why don’t you leave me a comment on how are you and what are your plans for the weekend?
Take care!

Baby Steps

Here we go.
As my wife had a dentist appointment, I had some time to go trigger happy with my camera.
Few hours with Darktable and here are the results:


I even managed to use the IR filter.

Elva is a 'shroom town
Elva is a ‘shroom town

All my trusty followers – Thanks!

Sex Talk coming up…


In this post I’m going to talk about DSLR protective rubber cases aka Camera Condoms.
First of all: Yes, I admit it, I have one.
Why? Because when I bought my camera (It was second-hand), one came with it. It looked kind of nice and I decided to use it.
For me it makes the camera bigger – as I have kind of big hands, it increases the grip.
You still don’t know what I’m talking about? Ok, fine. Let me show you my little red rebel.
400D 360
A neat 360 of my precious.

So, now you know – it looks stupid!

What will it actually protect?
Erm… nothing. It keeps the body “fresh” and all the texts, pictures and buttons clean.

Will it protect my camera from water damage or keep the dust away?
Nope. This condom makes it even worse actually. All the dust and water will get between the body and the rubber, so you don’t even know what’s going on beneath the shiny surface.

You need to know that DSLRs are designed to take some hits and bumps – they are not that fragile as some people tend to think or say.
Here is another angle:

Why upside down? Because my tripod lets me.
Why infrared? Because I can!

So in conclusion I’d like to say that if you buy a new camera and if you want to keep it “fresh” – Yes! You should also get a condom to decrease your camera’s wear level. But what’s the point in keeping it “fresh” if you actually never see what’s going on under there?
In my opinion the condom is not a mandatory or necessary gadget – better get a wireless remote for the same money. On the other hand if you buy a camera and think that you’d like to sell it one day – the condom is a perfect way to protect the expensive looks.
Oh. One more thing – I use the rubber to cover my camera so people on the street (other photographers) wont recognize my camera’s model at the first sight (I don’t know, why I do it).
About the red color: If I drop my camera in a haystack or leave it somewhere, it’s easier to find.
Find the camera

Contrast – you know!

If some of you still have questions about why I use it or what good does it do – let me know.

In the meantime…

Big big thanks to for her camera to take the pictures.
All shots made with 50mm (kind of broken) Canon lens + on one shot HOYA IR.



New Day

So today I had a lot of free time (no wonder I have no money or a job).
I spent it in the nature, studying my new camera. Finally I even figured out, how to use custom White Balance. In total I made 41 photos, but after evaluating them the number came down to two.

I gave an Infrared filter as a present for‘s birthday.
Today I tried it out myself. Here is the result (Quite happy with it actually. Bear in mind that it’s one of the first times that I used IR filter):


Taken with Canon 50mm fix lense.

A HDR I made near “Kiidjärve”. I might have overdone the colours, but still love it.


Taken with Canon 17-85mm lense and UV + CIR-Polarizing filters.