An Update


If I could say how sorry I am.
I haven’t done any new posts for very many days now. I’m kind of stuck in Tallinn with my laptop that doesn’t have enough resources to run and open nor lightroom or photoshop.

I’ve taken a lot of pictures, but I can’t share them with you – at least not yet.
I’ll upload the best shots as soon as I get back home // at my girlfriends place.

It has been wonderful – the weather has been windy enough to get some great shots of waves, sunset and landscapes.

Stay tuned, pictures will be uploaded soon!

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Take care!

Okay, I promise – today’s last post.
First off: Our kitty (she will always stay a kitty for me) Alfred.
What's up dog? Are you coming back?





1) She wants to play, but the dog doesn’t seem to be amused so it’s time to make stupid faces.
2) She captured the dog’s ‘nest’ but then realized that she is all alone 🙁 Still no one wants to play with her.
ISO 2000 aka “One noisy pussy”.

Two arty shots… not my stile actually.


black and white industrial landscape arty landscape?






1) Black and white industrial landscape (still functioning).
2) Road to the sky (almost) + a post on the way.

Last, but not least: One more landscape to end the day with.



That’s all for me today. Sleep well – or if you are in USA – have a nice day.
Already thinking about tomorrow – where will I find a good shot? I bet I will be composing it in my dreams tonight.

Let the pictures talk to you!

Today was a good day. August has started great for me. Lets hope the rest of the month will be even better. I already know that it will be 🙂 Stay positive!



As mentioned in the previous post we spent the day out today. We went to the Luke’s manor park – really nice, lovely and green place with an extremely relaxing atmosphere. If you ever should visit South-Estonia I strongly recommend you to go there.
Here is even the link to their homepage:
Weather was beautiful – some solitary small clouds sailing in the big blue sky.
The temperature was too high in my opinion – car’s thermometer showed even 33 degrees C at one point.
After we got home I managed to repair aclickatatime’s f1.8 50mm auto focus problem – it had some hair or fur stuck between the AF gears. I also put the lens back together with only one small part that couldn’t find its place – lens is working fine so it shouldn’t matter 🙂 .

Enough of the text, here are the pictures that I managed to take with aclickatatime’s 18-200mm Tamron (thanks, honey).
Gazebo Summer home summer home v2 stairs gazebo v2

Recently I have also been “hunting” thunder. Really wish to get one proper picture of lightning bolts.
That’s it for now – take care you all!

Oh and THANK YOU NEW FOLLOWERS! You have been noted – a big Thank You to you all!



Since the 20th of January I haven’t posted any pictures – WHY??? (you, who are still left, might ask). Well, it’s because

1) School sucks – you have to study and shit (fortunately I passed enough exams to stay in school (for free – YAY!!)).

2) My laptop died – my only device that could process *.RAW files (Actually *.CRF). Huge thanks to my relative who donated his old PC for me to use (massive gaming animal). Two days later that PC died as well. I now even know how a burning motherboard smells. Then my fiance had a great idea (yes, my girlfriend became my fiance – that has happened as well.) – we should combine her “kind of not working pc” and my burnt “kind of a gaming pc”. Considered, done. Unfortunately something real buggy is going on in our new soft- and hardware. At random times the pc just shuts down. I believe I have visited every site that have any words of wisdom, but still no success. I have a kick-ass IR picture that I’d like to show you, but every time I try to edit the photo in Photoshop… guess what – the PC shuts down at some point.

3) I kind of gave up on photography for a short time, because I watched youtube videos of some pro photographers and I felt disheartened – quite a lot. I felt like I had no chance of getting anything nice on my sensor. Then I found some tutorials, reviews and uplifting videos – also from youtube. I also found some interesting photography books from my fiance’s bookshelf (I actually haven’t red them yet – just watched the pictures 🙂 ), stopped drinking, tried to quit smoking (I failed miserably, but at the moment I’m trying again – it has to happen at some point).

I feel that now I’m ready again to share my photographs and take some new ones. But I have to tell you – I feel like I’m still learning, experimenting with different ways to take a picture, learning how does lightroom and my camera work. There is so much I’d like to try out and test. I don’t take pictures and share them because I live for “likes” – that’s actually why I deleted my facebook account. All the feedback I’d like to get is – What DO and DON’T you like, What could be better, what is the story that my pictures are telling you, do you think that I’m a lost cause and should donate my camera to my other half, or do you believe that I have some potential? I know that I have posted pictures with gross misuse of HDR programs, ND filters and photoshop but I promise that I’m trying to grow out of it.
As Henri Carties-Bresson said: “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” I hope that my first 10,000 will be full soon. Lets make it like this – the first 10,000 photos I have selected from my other files and uploaded to this Blog are the worst. I’ll let you know when I post my 10,001th photo (it might take some time), but I hope that you will bare with me.

Oh I forgot – I went to London in April? I broke my lens 🙁 My Canon EFS 17-85mm is dead – as soon as I change my aperture it will display an error message: “Error 99, shooting not possible”. I haven’t had time to get it to a repair shop, but I’ll do it soon.

Here are some pictures as an award of reading this long and winding post:

Who and Why should leave their boat docked on such an beautiful day?
Who and Why should leave their boat docked on such a beautiful day?
Wich is older? An very old tree or and very old wall? Who has followed who?
Which is older? A very old tree or a very old wall? Who came after whom?
A cliche "RED SKY" and "SUNSET" and "The Arrival of the Dark Side" photo.
A cliche “RED SKY” and “SUNSET” and “The Arrival of the Dark Side” photo.
Mirror mirror on the ground in the middle of the forest is not a mirror.
Mirror mirror on the ground, in the middle of the forest, is not a mirror. WTF?
Kind of lonely
Kind of lonely
Who is on whos way?
Who is on whose way?

We are sending signals to aliens,


generating dirt from snow,


enjoying the view.


A Sunday Stroll


Winter has (finally) arrived. Today the sun was out, the sky was blue and the light white dusting we’ve had so far (about 5 cm’s of snow, usually by this time of the year we are stuck neck deep in that white nuisance) painted a rather pretty picture. So out we went, armed with our cameras, to see if we could capture some bits of it.

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