August Photo a Day #2 – Lunch


We had a (7 pm) lunch in a small roadside pub. The meal tasted rather nice (chicken with cheese and peach slices, fresh salad with fruits, lettuce and carrots, French fries, and garlic bread for starters), the picture doesn’t do it justice, a food photographer I sure ain’t!

August Photo a Day Challenge

I have decided (or been persuaded) to take part in this fun challenge once again. I have done it in the past as well, hopefully I will manage to follow it through the whole month.

Click on the photo to visit Fat Mum Slim’s website and read what she has said about the prompts, and why not take part yourself!


Edited to add: In order to make this challenge even more challenging I have decided to attempt all these shots with my trusted, and slightly battered nifty-fifty – the Canon 50mm f1.8. Even I’m curious about the results!

Grow Light


We brought a table lamp, to create a good “study spot” for us. Oh how wrong were we. Being newbie cat owners  our naivety is forgiveable I suppose, thinking we could use the table now. But the lamp generates warmth, and all warmth is claimed by cats, so our study spot is now the cat’s spot. And that’s final.


A Sunday Stroll


Winter has (finally) arrived. Today the sun was out, the sky was blue and the light white dusting we’ve had so far (about 5 cm’s of snow, usually by this time of the year we are stuck neck deep in that white nuisance) painted a rather pretty picture. So out we went, armed with our cameras, to see if we could capture some bits of it.

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Photo a Day November #7 – Reflection

Living round these parts you often almost start to forget what sunshine looks like.
Today, after what felt like ten years of continuous rain, we finally had a brief glimpse of the sun. Reflecting off everything its rays touched.