Ups and downs.

Hey you all!

I’ve lost many of you since my last post – that’s what happens if you’re trying to run a photography blog and won’t upload any new photos (- 30 followers).

So why have I been so “sleepy” for the past four months?
1) We had to move a lot = no time to operate the shutter.
2) Education and stuff = same result.
3) No inspiration = every picture I took was pale and lame, no reason to upload it here.
4) Computer troubles = no HDD to import my *.RAW files.
5) I was writing a book as a Christmas present to my wife (soon to become).

Happy holidays to you all! I hope to upload some fantastic frames soon.

A Storm is Coming


I was rudely awoken at 7:30 by our cat, who is taking full advantage of the fact that we are visiting and she gets to sleep in our room (at home she spends the nights in a separate room, because she won’t let us sleep otherwise). So I thought I should spend the time wisely and share some pictures I took last night.

I got very lucky with this capture. We went out to a pier to take pictures of the city skyline at nighttime. We didn’t even know there was thunder in the area, but as soon as we got to the location we saw a few flashes in the distance. I, of course, had decided to leave my tripod at home. Luckily my boyfriend (andrespildistab) was kind enough to lend me his, so I set everything up and took three shots (I didn’t have my trigger either). They say third time’s the charm and it was true in this case as well – two bolts straight into the sea. Unfortunately the focus was way off so I reset and kept clicking (shutter speed was 20 sec). In total I took 26 frames, of which 3 had lightning and 2 of them were usable. This one was my favourite.

I also managed to catch lightning in a different location, but I will post that image a bit later. 

P.s. The cat went back to sleep as soon as I had given up hope of her settling down again, and dragged myself out of bed. They truly are jerks sometimes. 

Seeing Double


I am not quite sure what happened here, everything seemed stable, but somehow I managed to create two cities stacked on top of each other.

Late night swimming

It has been a busy day – sorry I haven’t made many posts today on this blog or on twitter. I even forgot my brother’s wife birthday (stupid me) – if you’re reading this, I’ll call you tomorrow 😉 .

Although we managed to go swimming today – on the first try I stepped on a glass bottle or something sharp, that opened my little toe.
The second time was better – water was warm, weather beautiful and the sunset had fantastic colors.

After the short swim I attached 17-85 + ND4 + ND8 and took a picture. Then I used 300 to take another shot.
After all that I arrived home, opened up Photo to the Shop and created this:

fake supermoont

I know it’s not a good job, but as we, in Estonia, don’t have supermoons like all you other lucky bastards, then I created a vision, how it should and could look.
As the exposure was long you can also see my soon to be wife swimming and a duck going to flirt with her.



A longer pause yet again. Sorry! I’ve been really busy taking care of … stuff.

But here it is. A picture of our favorite board game – “Carcassonne”.
It started out as a random visit to the board games store, after what we infected our friends.
As of today we have 6 add-ons so the small board game has transferred to a floor game with a huge map as the end result.
Yesterday the four up us met and played one game. We started at 19:37 and the game ended at 23:00 – total play time 3 hours and 23 minutes.

I suggest you to give it a try.

For Friends no Longer by Our Side, but Always in Our Hearts


Auf einer Seite des Himmels gibt es einen Platz, der Regenbogenbrücke genannt wird.

Wenn ein Tier stirbt, das jemandem besonders nahe stand, begibt es sich zur Regenbogenbrücke. Dort sind Wiesen und Hügel für all unsere besten Freunde, so dass sie zusammen laufen und spielen können. Dort gibt es Futter, Wasser und Sonnenschein im Überfluss, und unsere Freunde haben es warm und fühlen sich wohl und behaglich.

Alle Tiere, die krank und alt waren, haben wieder ihre Gesundheit und Energie; die, die verletzt oder verstümmelt waren, sind wiederhergestellt und stark, so wie wir sie in Erinnerung haben. Die Tiere sind glücklich und zufrieden, bis auf eine Kleinigkeit. Sie alle vermissen ihren Menschenfreund, den sie zurücklassen mussten.

Sie laufen und spielen zusammen, aber der Tag kommt, an dem eines plötzlich stoppt und in die Ferne sieht. Seine strahlenden Augen sind aufmerksam; gespannt zittert der Körper. Plötzlich beginnt es von der Gruppe wegzulaufen, fliegt über das grüne Gras, seine Beine tragen es schneller und schneller. Es hat Dich gesehen, und wenn Du und Dein Freund sich endlich treffen, werdet Ihr im freudigen Wiedersehen so zusammenhalten, auf dass ihr nie wieder getrennt werdet.
Glückliche Küsse regnen auf Dein Gesicht. Deine Hände liebkosen wieder den geliebten Kopf, und Du siehst einmal mehr in die vertrauensvollen Augen Deines Lieblings, welcher zwar lange aus Deinem Leben, aber nie aus Deinem Herzen verschwunden war.

Dann geht ihr zusammen über die Regenbogenbrücke.

Old Castle Ruins

So… Seems like I have taken “Picture a Day” challenge very “seriously”.

Well… Next year I will take part in all of them (In my hopes and dreams).

Few days back me and my girlfriend took a walk in Old Castle ruins located near the town where I grew up.
In the ruins we found a very well lit suspension bridge and fortunately I had my camera with a tripod handy (the best gift for christmas this year).
There should be EXIF with the file, but in case you are wondering:
HDR bracket: (-2;2)
ISO: 100
Exposure: 2 ; 1/2 / 8
Aparture: 8
Lens used: Canon EFS 17-85; 1:4-5.6 IS USM (Manual focus, Stabililizer off). Focal lenght: 17mm
Camera Used: My PrEcIoUs Canon EOS 400D with firmware upgrade.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop + NIK filters (Boosted Red layer, removed some noise, merged HDR).

And here is the result:

A suspension bridge in Old Castle Ruins located in the town near which I grew up.
A suspension bridge in Old Castle Ruins located in the town near which I grew up.

In case I won’t get here before it’s time: Have a nice New Year’s Eve!

Playing with lights

Yesterday night I tried a thing called “painting with lights”.
Unfortunately I can’t draw 🙁
Long exposure + LED flashlight

This is the *.RAW file, nothing has been changed, only UV filter was used.

Today I took a walk in the city I currently live in. Believe it or not, but these are the only traffic lights used here.
As I haven’t had any quality sleep time lately I nearly fell asleep behind the tripod.

I took 7 different photos and then layered them all together.

Used ND4 and ND8 filters + UV filter

Otepää valgusfoorid


For this photo I took 5 different ones. Unfortunately we don’t have much traffic here, so not many vehicles passed during the time I camped on the spot.

ND8 + UV filter were used.

Rõngu väljasõit


Photo a Day November #5 – 5 O’Clock

It’s only 5 o’clock and already it’s almost pitch black outside and pouring with rain. Gotta “love” winter.

P.S. I know the EXIF says the picture was taken at 18:00, that’s because I can’t be bothered to change the time on the camera so it remains on summer time all year round.

To the stars

The star, I believe, is Capella, one of the brightest stars in the northern celestial hemisphere and a part of the Auriga constellation.

The aeroplane is most likely D-AIHC, an A340.


Photo a Day October #29 – Moon

It had been completely overcast for days so I had given up all hope to complete today’s assignment, didn’t even bother to look out of the window any more. And then my mum gets back from walking the dog and the first thing she says is how bright the moon is tonight. “What? The moon? You mean it’s not cloudy?”.

I immediately rushed to my car and drove around trying to find a nice spot where I could take a picture but unfortunately I had already missed the right time and the moon was too high up overhead. So this’ll have to do.