A Storm is Coming


I was rudely awoken at 7:30 by our cat, who is taking full advantage of the fact that we are visiting and she gets to sleep in our room (at home she spends the nights in a separate room, because she won’t let us sleep otherwise). So I thought I should spend the time wisely and share some pictures I took last night.

I got very lucky with this capture. We went out to a pier to take pictures of the city skyline at nighttime. We didn’t even know there was thunder in the area, but as soon as we got to the location we saw a few flashes in the distance. I, of course, had decided to leave my tripod at home. Luckily my boyfriend (andrespildistab) was kind enough to lend me his, so I set everything up and took three shots (I didn’t have my trigger either). They say third time’s the charm and it was true in this case as well – two bolts straight into the sea. Unfortunately the focus was way off so I reset and kept clicking (shutter speed was 20 sec). In total I took 26 frames, of which 3 had lightning and 2 of them were usable. This one was my favourite.

I also managed to catch lightning in a different location, but I will post that image a bit later. 

P.s. The cat went back to sleep as soon as I had given up hope of her settling down again, and dragged myself out of bed. They truly are jerks sometimes. 

Seeing Double


I am not quite sure what happened here, everything seemed stable, but somehow I managed to create two cities stacked on top of each other.



This is what happens when you are trying to take a picture and run away from the track to avoid being hit by mud at the same time. On the one hand, this picture should go straight to the ‘rejected’ pile, but on the other hand it has a certain kind of trippiness to it which I quite like. So I am starting a new category – botched – for images that I have inadvertently messed up or that have some other clear flaws, but which still possess that je ne sais quoi, which makes it hard to flat out delete them

An Action Packed Weekend

I have to confess, yet again I have failed to take the Photo a Day pictures. But this time, I have a good excuse, because the weekend has been full of this


And thisIMG_5593_1024


And thisIMG_6267_1024


In other words, we went to see the Klaperjaht 2014, which was amazing as always. I have a ton (literally, a thousand) of pictures to sort through, but as I took this event as an opportunity to practice taking pictures of moving subjects, I should have a few I can be happy about.

I will share the gallery as soon as I have it up, until then you can have a look at what I saw through my lens at the same event in 2012.

August Photo a Day #8 – Pet Peeve


Pardon the shoddy picture, but as today’s prompt touched a soft spot I had to rustle up something, because I did not want to miss out on this marvellous chance for a rant. From a technical point of view this picture is pants, and it doesn’t even illustrate my #1 cause of random bursts of aggression that well, but hopefully you get the point. My pet peeve being, PEOPLE WHO SLAM CAR DOORS!

Sorry for shouting, but it’s something that drives me absolutely stark raving mad. My family has been well trained, so much so they sometimes don’t dare to close the doors at all, but giving lifts to strangers is an absolute nightmare for me. I once picked up a sweet old lady who was waiting for a bus by the side of the road. She looked very old and fragile and had two large bags with her so I figured I’d save her the wait and drive her to the nearest town (where I was going anyway). Once we got there she thanked me very fondly and then when she got out she slammed the damn door so hard I thought the side window would shatter. A moment later she realised she had left the seatbelt between the door, so she opened it, put the seatbelt back properly and slammed the door once again. I didn’t even know old ladies could possess such strength.

Most people probably don’t even notice something as minor as how they close car doors, so in my case it’s the epitome of a pet peeve.

Rant over 🙂

Where Will the Road Take You?


I owe you all two posts – number 6 and 7 on the August Photo a Day challenge, but the past two days have not been too inspiring. Hopefully I will get off my arse tomorrow and catch up with the challenge.

In the meantime, you can visit my newly updated About Me page, or check out my Gallery, where I have gathered up all the images I have posted on this blog for easy viewing.