My new camera… Finally a camera only to myself

Well hello there!
Short story even shorter: I’ve been taking pictures since the age of 8. After my first shot I knew that I wanted my own camera. Time went on and on, then I realised that I NEED a dslr.
All these years I loved photography, I even borrowed cameras from my friends or my mum

(They all still work, I know how to use borrowed things (: ).
Today is the day when I finally bought my first very own camera – Canon 400D with a EFS 17-85 lense, ND4, ND8, UV and CIR-Polarizing filters. This is one of the first photos I took – and I took it as I like – HDR photography has been my second love since introduced me to it (Thank you!).
I needed to use photoshop to remove some lense dust, since I used F29 and 1″ exposure time (Thank you CIR-polarizer for making it possible (: ).

This is the Otepää’s Church. Used only UV filter.


Some “impossible to climb” stairs on Otepää’s “Linnamägi”. Still only UV filter used.