Summer Is Ending


We have spent the past few days in and around of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Soon, I will upload a gallery of what I have seen so far, but until then I leave you with this thought – the 1st of September is only 12 days away…


Depressing, isn’t it?

Looking back to the weekend







I mean it and I’m serious.

This was probably the best motor sports event that I’ve attended this year.
Better than the Rally Estonia? Yes! Definitely.

First – The ticket was cheap. I got mine for 11€ (two day ticket, including the pass to the party in the evening and parking).

Secondly – You could see everything that was going on – a 1,8 kilometer track on the stadium + a lot going on in the forest nearby.

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Yet another roadtrip

Hey folks!

Seems like today we’re going on a road trip to far west.
Hope to get some great shots – Twitter feed will keep you posted.

Picture a day challenge post will be uploaded in the evening! (I’m GMT +3 by the way).
What a wonderful weather we’re having today. Solitary clouds, +28C and my smiley face. I really hope that I won’t start pouting – I ran out of smokes last night and now can’t buy new ones.
I guess this time it’s really time to quit (hopefully).

Take care and have a nice day!

Seasons change

seasons 1

The first one was taken on 29.11.2012, the second one on 12.10.2013. The angle isn’t quite right, I will try to fix that when I take the Spring and Summer pictures.