Since the 20th of January I haven’t posted any pictures – WHY??? (you, who are still left, might ask). Well, it’s because

1) School sucks – you have to study and shit (fortunately I passed enough exams to stay in school (for free – YAY!!)).

2) My laptop died – my only device that could process *.RAW files (Actually *.CRF). Huge thanks to my relative who donated his old PC for me to use (massive gaming animal). Two days later that PC died as well. I now even know how a burning motherboard smells. Then my fiance had a great idea (yes, my girlfriend became my fiance – that has happened as well.) – we should combine her “kind of not working pc” and my burnt “kind of a gaming pc”. Considered, done. Unfortunately something real buggy is going on in our new soft- and hardware. At random times the pc just shuts down. I believe I have visited every site that have any words of wisdom, but still no success. I have a kick-ass IR picture that I’d like to show you, but every time I try to edit the photo in Photoshop… guess what – the PC shuts down at some point.

3) I kind of gave up on photography for a short time, because I watched youtube videos of some pro photographers and I felt disheartened – quite a lot. I felt like I had no chance of getting anything nice on my sensor. Then I found some tutorials, reviews and uplifting videos – also from youtube. I also found some interesting photography books from my fiance’s bookshelf (I actually haven’t red them yet – just watched the pictures 🙂 ), stopped drinking, tried to quit smoking (I failed miserably, but at the moment I’m trying again – it has to happen at some point).

I feel that now I’m ready again to share my photographs and take some new ones. But I have to tell you – I feel like I’m still learning, experimenting with different ways to take a picture, learning how does lightroom and my camera work. There is so much I’d like to try out and test. I don’t take pictures and share them because I live for “likes” – that’s actually why I deleted my facebook account. All the feedback I’d like to get is – What DO and DON’T you like, What could be better, what is the story that my pictures are telling you, do you think that I’m a lost cause and should donate my camera to my other half, or do you believe that I have some potential? I know that I have posted pictures with gross misuse of HDR programs, ND filters and photoshop but I promise that I’m trying to grow out of it.
As Henri Carties-Bresson said: “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” I hope that my first 10,000 will be full soon. Lets make it like this – the first 10,000 photos I have selected from my other files and uploaded to this Blog are the worst. I’ll let you know when I post my 10,001th photo (it might take some time), but I hope that you will bare with me.

Oh I forgot – I went to London in April? I broke my lens 🙁 My Canon EFS 17-85mm is dead – as soon as I change my aperture it will display an error message: “Error 99, shooting not possible”. I haven’t had time to get it to a repair shop, but I’ll do it soon.

Here are some pictures as an award of reading this long and winding post:

Who and Why should leave their boat docked on such an beautiful day?
Who and Why should leave their boat docked on such a beautiful day?
Wich is older? An very old tree or and very old wall? Who has followed who?
Which is older? A very old tree or a very old wall? Who came after whom?
A cliche "RED SKY" and "SUNSET" and "The Arrival of the Dark Side" photo.
A cliche “RED SKY” and “SUNSET” and “The Arrival of the Dark Side” photo.
Mirror mirror on the ground in the middle of the forest is not a mirror.
Mirror mirror on the ground, in the middle of the forest, is not a mirror. WTF?
Kind of lonely
Kind of lonely
Who is on whos way?
Who is on whose way?