Standing Strong


Pictured: The Castle of Keila-Joa, read more about it here

The new school year began, and it was as if summer hadn’t happened at all – a blink of an eye and I was back in the dreaded classroom. This, together with moving to a new apartment; work commitments; crippling migraines; and all sorts of other things to take up one’s time, creates a situation, where the last post in this blog was nearly a month ago and I haven’t picked up the camera even once in the meantime. There’s still even a backlog of stuff from the summer I would like to share, but I simply haven’t had the time to organise any of it.

I have no idea when I will manage to get into some kind of a routine that will allow me to enjoy things that I actually like doing, so I won’t be making any promises about when you can expect me to begin updating this thing regularity again. All I wanted to say is that firstly, I’m sorry about the unexpected hiatus and secondly, I hope you will bear with me and not give up just yet! Keep checking back and I promise, one day soon, I will surprise you all with a ton (or a little less) of new posts! You can even drop a comment and let me know what would you especially like to see here?

Have a nice autumn and see you soon!




First off: The satellite image for rain – nothing threatens us | CHECK (


Secondly: The hourly forecast for the day – seems fine to me | CHECK (



Thirdly: No thunder in the area – no beeps or marks | CHECK (

Life is hard and then you die.
To remember the days that pass, we decided to make a trip / hike / sightseeing tour.
Here we go – see you later.

Two days ago a tree (silver fir) ended it’s natural life cycle.
Since it was tilted towards the houses the decision was taken to tear it down.

I recommend you to watch these pictures in full resolution – just click on them and then zoom in :).

Adrenaline junkie:
IMG_7740 IMG_7773 You know you’re a real man when you’re photogenic even while working with a chainsaw at insane altitudes, supported by two thin ropes only. An you’ve even got time to pose:IMG_7780IMG_7787 And the last cut: IMG_7833

And now guess, who has to clean it all up? 🙂

Today we had a busy day.
Weather was nice though 🙂 .

Here are some pictures I took today (Canon EOS 400D 17-85mm, no filters, no tripod).

Small pieces.




Sunset (picture taken from window).




Old Castle Ruins

So… Seems like I have taken “Picture a Day” challenge very “seriously”.

Well… Next year I will take part in all of them (In my hopes and dreams).

Few days back me and my girlfriend took a walk in Old Castle ruins located near the town where I grew up.
In the ruins we found a very well lit suspension bridge and fortunately I had my camera with a tripod handy (the best gift for christmas this year).
There should be EXIF with the file, but in case you are wondering:
HDR bracket: (-2;2)
ISO: 100
Exposure: 2 ; 1/2 / 8
Aparture: 8
Lens used: Canon EFS 17-85; 1:4-5.6 IS USM (Manual focus, Stabililizer off). Focal lenght: 17mm
Camera Used: My PrEcIoUs Canon EOS 400D with firmware upgrade.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop + NIK filters (Boosted Red layer, removed some noise, merged HDR).

And here is the result:

A suspension bridge in Old Castle Ruins located in the town near which I grew up.
A suspension bridge in Old Castle Ruins located in the town near which I grew up.

In case I won’t get here before it’s time: Have a nice New Year’s Eve!