Rally aftermath


In my last post I mentioned that during the “Rally Estonia” my glasses got /rocked/.

Today I decided to set up my own little studio, aka failure, and using light painting, take a picture of my modified glasses.
I used a tripod, 400D with 75-300mm 4-5.6, a LED torch, a white sheet and a cardboard beer box.
Whatever – who cares about some geeky shit, right?
Here is the final result:
Oh. Before the picture. About the “Armani” sign – when I bought myself new glasses I picked the frames that looked kind of normal on me. I discovered the “Armani” sign later, at home. Oh, well…

My Glasses
My Glasses

ISO 100, 140 mm, f 14, exp 9 sec.

I tried not to illuminate the background, instead I tried to create a “Glowing Frames” and “Glowing Glasses” look. It seems like I forgot to clean my glasses before taking the shot.
Rookie mistake, forgive me.

Old Castle Ruins

So… Seems like I have taken “Picture a Day” challenge very “seriously”.

Well… Next year I will take part in all of them (In my hopes and dreams).

Few days back me and my girlfriend took a walk in Old Castle ruins located near the town where I grew up.
In the ruins we found a very well lit suspension bridge and fortunately I had my camera with a tripod handy (the best gift for christmas this year).
There should be EXIF with the file, but in case you are wondering:
HDR bracket: (-2;2)
ISO: 100
Exposure: 2 ; 1/2 / 8
Aparture: 8
Lens used: Canon EFS 17-85; 1:4-5.6 IS USM (Manual focus, Stabililizer off). Focal lenght: 17mm
Camera Used: My PrEcIoUs Canon EOS 400D with firmware upgrade.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop + NIK filters (Boosted Red layer, removed some noise, merged HDR).

And here is the result:

A suspension bridge in Old Castle Ruins located in the town near which I grew up.
A suspension bridge in Old Castle Ruins located in the town near which I grew up.

In case I won’t get here before it’s time: Have a nice New Year’s Eve!

Playing with lights

Yesterday night I tried a thing called “painting with lights”.
Unfortunately I can’t draw 🙁
Long exposure + LED flashlight

This is the *.RAW file, nothing has been changed, only UV filter was used.

Today I took a walk in the city I currently live in. Believe it or not, but these are the only traffic lights used here.
As I haven’t had any quality sleep time lately I nearly fell asleep behind the tripod.

I took 7 different photos and then layered them all together.

Used ND4 and ND8 filters + UV filter

Otepää valgusfoorid


For this photo I took 5 different ones. Unfortunately we don’t have much traffic here, so not many vehicles passed during the time I camped on the spot.

ND8 + UV filter were used.

Rõngu väljasõit