Flowing water


We had a very rainy beginning to 2017 but ironically, as the assignment was announced, a picture of flowing water, the temperatures dropped to -9 (-21 with wind chill) yesterday. Today it was a mild -15. I intended to go photograph the “ice sheets” drifting down the river,  I even picked out a location yesterday and marveled at the sight which I was going to take pictures of today. And then in the morning I discovered that the river had frozen (almost) solid. Lessons learnt – if you have an idea and the conditions are right, don’t wait for them to get even better, as they might go away altogether!

But I’m happy with this image as well, especially thanks to the lovely pair of ducks.



I decided to take part in a neat local photo competition hosted by Eestimaa Kaunid Fotod (Beautiful Pictures of Estonia). The gist of it is that the organisers will announce a prompt and the participants will have to take a new picture in the given timeframe anywhere in Estonia that fits the topic. I don’t expect to win any awards but I really like the challenging aspect of the competition, so I decided to take part. And as this blog has been in hibernation for far too long, I shall post all of the images here as well.

The first topic was “a local sight”. I had a few ideas, taking a picture of the main building of the University of Tartu was not one of them, because the theme is too “overexposed” in my opinion, although there is no doubt it is a very grandiose construction, especially in its Christmas “outfit”.

But as I was walking past it, I saw three people in traditional attire and quickly took the shot. Can’t say it’s one of my best, but I felt it was good enough to submit.

Merry Christmas!


It’s six o’clock (pm) here where I live. It has been snowing for at least three days and today is Christmas Day. Life is good.

I am very sorry, once again, for not posting more regularly. “Important” stuff just has a habit of getting in the way of doing fun things. But one day, hopefully soon, I will learn how to manage my time better.

I hope you have all had wonderful holidays, and that more good days are to come. Whether you celebrate Christmas or something else, or nothing at all, enjoy the days off, do the things you love and spend time with those who make you happy.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Man Down

DSC_0416_1024As the snow conditions are so good (there barely is any) we went skiing on lake Pühajärv. Let’s just say some of us are more used to skiing than others.

We are sending signals to aliens,


generating dirt from snow,


enjoying the view.


A Sunday Stroll


Winter has (finally) arrived. Today the sun was out, the sky was blue and the light white dusting we’ve had so far (about 5 cm’s of snow, usually by this time of the year we are stuck neck deep in that white nuisance) painted a rather pretty picture. So out we went, armed with our cameras, to see if we could capture some bits of it.

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For Friends no Longer by Our Side, but Always in Our Hearts


Auf einer Seite des Himmels gibt es einen Platz, der Regenbogenbrücke genannt wird.

Wenn ein Tier stirbt, das jemandem besonders nahe stand, begibt es sich zur Regenbogenbrücke. Dort sind Wiesen und Hügel für all unsere besten Freunde, so dass sie zusammen laufen und spielen können. Dort gibt es Futter, Wasser und Sonnenschein im Überfluss, und unsere Freunde haben es warm und fühlen sich wohl und behaglich.

Alle Tiere, die krank und alt waren, haben wieder ihre Gesundheit und Energie; die, die verletzt oder verstümmelt waren, sind wiederhergestellt und stark, so wie wir sie in Erinnerung haben. Die Tiere sind glücklich und zufrieden, bis auf eine Kleinigkeit. Sie alle vermissen ihren Menschenfreund, den sie zurücklassen mussten.

Sie laufen und spielen zusammen, aber der Tag kommt, an dem eines plötzlich stoppt und in die Ferne sieht. Seine strahlenden Augen sind aufmerksam; gespannt zittert der Körper. Plötzlich beginnt es von der Gruppe wegzulaufen, fliegt über das grüne Gras, seine Beine tragen es schneller und schneller. Es hat Dich gesehen, und wenn Du und Dein Freund sich endlich treffen, werdet Ihr im freudigen Wiedersehen so zusammenhalten, auf dass ihr nie wieder getrennt werdet.
Glückliche Küsse regnen auf Dein Gesicht. Deine Hände liebkosen wieder den geliebten Kopf, und Du siehst einmal mehr in die vertrauensvollen Augen Deines Lieblings, welcher zwar lange aus Deinem Leben, aber nie aus Deinem Herzen verschwunden war.

Dann geht ihr zusammen über die Regenbogenbrücke.

Old Castle Ruins

So… Seems like I have taken “Picture a Day” challenge very “seriously”.

Well… Next year I will take part in all of them (In my hopes and dreams).

Few days back me and my girlfriend took a walk in Old Castle ruins located near the town where I grew up.
In the ruins we found a very well lit suspension bridge and fortunately I had my camera with a tripod handy (the best gift for christmas this year).
There should be EXIF with the file, but in case you are wondering:
HDR bracket: (-2;2)
ISO: 100
Exposure: 2 ; 1/2 / 8
Aparture: 8
Lens used: Canon EFS 17-85; 1:4-5.6 IS USM (Manual focus, Stabililizer off). Focal lenght: 17mm
Camera Used: My PrEcIoUs Canon EOS 400D with firmware upgrade.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop + NIK filters (Boosted Red layer, removed some noise, merged HDR).

And here is the result:

A suspension bridge in Old Castle Ruins located in the town near which I grew up.
A suspension bridge in Old Castle Ruins located in the town near which I grew up.

In case I won’t get here before it’s time: Have a nice New Year’s Eve!

Seasons change

seasons 1

The first one was taken on 29.11.2012, the second one on 12.10.2013. The angle isn’t quite right, I will try to fix that when I take the Spring and Summer pictures.

Merry Christmas!



The Paks Margaeeta (Fat Margaret) tower in Tallin.


Wishing you all a nice, err… rainy Christmas (it was +4 C here today).

This was the sight last year.

All-year-round sh***i skiing weather is what it’s called around here.